Alvvays Time Travel To The 1967 World’s Fair In Their Nostalgic Video For ‘Dreams Tonite’

09.13.17 5 months ago

In 1967, the International and Universal Exposition (also known as Expo 67, or that year’s World’s Fair) brought over 50 million visitors to Montreal, Canada, and it was considered to be a grand success. Toronto’s own Alvvays didn’t get to enjoy the festivities because they weren’t alive yet, but in their new video for “Dreams Tonite,” it appears they’ve warped the fabric of time and somehow actually had a great visit at Expo 67.

In the video, that band has been seamlessly edited into archival footage of the fair from the National Film Board of Canada (after which Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada is named, by the way), and it almost feels like one of those situations where it looks like we’ve discovered time travelers in an old video.

The group blends in pretty well, though, donning retro outfits, riding the monorail, and performing the song in footage with plenty of film grain and light leaks that looks like an ideal combination of Instagram filters. It’s the perfect aesthetic to accompany the dreamy, midtempo track that somehow sounds like it exists in both the ’60s and present day… much like Alvvays does in the video, I suppose.

Antisocialites is out now, so find it here and watch the video for “Dreams Tonite” above.

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