Amanda Palmer’s Comments About Trump Making ‘Punk Rock Great Again’ Hit A Nerve

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12.29.16 35 Comments

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Amanda Palmer, a musician who The Guardian recently described as a “cult cabaret artist” — and far be it from me to add to that neat label — made some comments about President-Elect Trump and punk rock that struck a nerve with many. Of course, comments about Trump have been coming hard and fast ever since he unexpectedly won the presidency back in November, but hers are what some might qualify as “a reach.”

As The Guardian points out, while speaking at a press conference in Australia, Queensland to be exact, at Woodford Folk festival, Palmer made the following statements:

“It’s been a really scary time in America. I don’t know how it’s felt over here [in Australia] for the past few months, but it’s a total sh*t show over there. Especially if you’re an artist, a woman, a minority, gay — anything but a rich white man — it’s really very scary. But being an optimist … there is this part of me — especially having studied Weimar Germany extensively — I’m like, ‘This is our moment.’ Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again. We’re all going to crawl down staircases into basements and speakeasies and make amazing satirically political art. If the political climate keeps getting uglier, the art will have to answer. We will have to fight. It’s already happening — the artists in my tribes have been like, ‘Alright. This is not good.’ We are sharpening our knives for a large buffet.”

Directly following this assertion, Palmer shared that she and her husband, a 56-year-old British writer named Neil Gaiman, will be living in Australia for the duration of Trump’s term. The Australian government has granted the couple distinguished talent visas good for five years, so they will be living in the country during that time.

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