See The Amazing Taylor Swift And Lorde Photoshop From A Post-Grammys Party

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02.17.16 3 Comments
Taylor Swift Lorde

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Taylor Swift was a busy lady on Monday night, as she picked up her second Album Of The Year award (the first woman to ever win it twice), threw some serious shade at Kanye West, and even debuted a new hairstyle on the red carpet. After the awards ceremony proper, she surely needed to let loose and celebrate another night of accomplishments as the most famous pop star on the planet. Although she was shoulder to shoulder with Selena Gomez on the red carpet and during the show, she stepped out with fellow member of her squad Lorde for the after parties.

While at one of said parties, they duo snapped a photo that by all accounts is an adorable sign of their friendship. Of course, the reliable denizens of the internet couldn’t just leave it as an adorable picture and instead put together a photoshop for the ages.

Lorde South Park photoshop


For those who are not regular viewers of South Park and the show’s parody of every celebrity under the sun, Lorde had a cameo back in 2014 in the form of a costumed Randy Marsh. As far as celebrity send-ups go, it wasn’t the most scathing thing Trey Parker and Matt Stone have done to someone, but it was entertaining none the less. Lorde herself even chimed in with her opinion about the episode and loved it. The one time South Park took on Taylor Swift is not the most appropriate thing to photoshop into a picture, for Cosby reasons, so this mashup will have to do for now until the show tackles her and her squad again.

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