Amber Coffman Shares First-Ever Solo Track ‘All To Myself’

Though Amber Coffman has long been a familiar voice because of her work in the Dirty Projectors, the singer has mostly appeared on other collaborations when she sang outside the band. That is changing now, as she has finally completed work on her own debut album, which is called City Of No Reply, and will be out via Columbia Records.

The first taste we’ve got from that is “All To Myself,” which has a doo-wop vibe and a rainbow video to accompany it that was directed by Coffman and shot by Jake Magee. Mostly close-ups of Coffman’s face singing out in nature, the video follows the song’s fairly melancholy vibe, and despite its traditional backbeat, still incorporates plenty of the fuzz-warbled harmonies that so often showed up on Dirty Projectors songs. Speaking of which, both this track and the new one from David Longstreth’s band sound pretty sad.

Considering that new song is called “Keep Your Name” and Coffman’s is called “All To Myself,” it seems pretty clear that we’re going to get a pair of breakup albums from Coffman and Longstreth. Longstreth is the only artist credited on his new track, and given she’s got her own album, the writing is on the wall. I don’t know whether that makes me excited or extremely nervous. For those wondering whether Coffman was still part of The Dirty Projectors lineup or not… it really looks like she isn’t.

Here’s Coffman’s comment on the song:

“For anyone who’s ever found themselves uncomfortably restless, sad and alone, or even temporarily doubting themselves and their dreams, this is a mantra, a pep talk, a love song to yourself. It’s a song you can slow dance by yourself to without feeling funny if there’s no one else there. A small reminder not to spend too much time fretting and just to get out there, live your life and do what makes you happy.”