Amber Coffman Says The New Dirty Projectors Record About Her Breakup Came As A Surprise

In a statement today given to Stereogum, Amber Coffman confirmed her breakup with fellow Dirty Projectors member David Longstreth and addressed his album, which dedicates quite a bit of space to the dissolution of their romantic relationship. In fact, it’s such a specific record that it can’t really transcend to become anything meaningful for the listener. Coffman said that the couple broke up several years ago but had managed to salvage a friendship during the recording and producing of her solo album, before things began to go south toward the end of recording her record.

Late last year she shared the news of the solo album, City Of No Reply and shared the first single “All To Myself,” but we’ve heard little since then. Last fall was also when news of a new Dirty Projectors record began to trickle out, which Coffman said came as a surprise to her. She said walking away from the band was the healthiest choice for her, but she considers it to be a loss. Read her full statement below.

“Dave and I indeed broke up in the summer of 2012, after a 6 year relationship. After a long tumultuous period, we managed to patch things up enough to leave the future open, and in 2014 we gave working together on my music a test run. Eventually I brought him on in a greater capacity as a producer, he moved to LA and we recorded my album at his newly built studio in 2015. All went considerably well, but things took an unfortunate downturn around the completion of my record, at which time we stopped speaking.

It was never my intention or wish to leave the band or end my friendship with Dave. It was a surprise to me to learn last September about his album plans, the content, timing, use of the band name, etc… I consider it a loss to no longer be involved with Dirty Projectors, but ultimately walking away was the only healthy choice for me.

I’m really proud of the album I made and my hope is that people will listen to it on its own terms. I’ve waited a long time to share it and I’m looking forward to it.”

Hopefully this means we’ll hear more of her new songs soon.