Amber Coffman’s ‘No Coffee’ Features The World’s Strangest Office Romance

[protected-iframe id=”5ccff5563f2ecaad37157ebeb898592a-60970621-76566046″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”365″]

Amber Coffman and David Longstreth took two decidedly different tacks when it came time to make their post-breakup albums. While Longstreth wallowed in the loss of his creative and romantic partner with a specificity that made the latest Dirty Projectors album wholly unrelatable, Coffman is aiming for a more universal feeling of moving on. In her bright single “No Coffee,” the former Dirty Projectors member oscillates between missing that certain someone and plotting ways to get over it. In the equally sunny video, Coffman seems to start the process of getting back on her feet by striking up something with a half-man, half-eagle.

The video is goofy and uncomfortable in all the ways that a new fling can be — with an obvious added layer of weird added via latex eagle mask. Check it out up top.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Coffman explained why she didn’t go the same way as Longsteth in making her upcoming album City of No Reply.

“What Dave has done wasn’t my choice,” she said. “He has really nothing to do with my album, ultimately. I just want to put my record out, and it’s my first album; it’s been a lifelong dream, and a very intense journey for me as a person. I’m not thinking about that other stuff.”

If it means more songs like “All To Myself” and less like “Up In Hudson,” then we’re all for it. City of No Reply is out June 2 on Columbia.