An Unlikely Musician Set The Record For Most-Attended Indoor Concert In U.S. History

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06.08.14 14 Comments

If someone asked me what the highest-attended concert in U.S. history was, first, I’d give them a weird look for asking such a specific question, and then I’d probably guess someone like U2 or Michael Jackson or the Rolling Stones. And up until last night, I would have been right, but the Stones’ previous record was broken last night, by none other than country music king George Strait.

George Strait capped off the last tour of his career with an epic, star-studded final performance at the billion-dollar stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play, dazzling an audience of nearly 105,000 people with duet after duet with some of the biggest names in country music.

The attendance shattered the previous record set by the Rolling Stones at the Superdome in 1981. More than 10,000 fans alone took in the three-hour show from the stadium floor.

“Oh, man. I tell you what. This is too much fun,” he said.

The record is expected to fall later this year, when Froggy Fresh plays Michigan Stadium.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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