And Now We Know Why Bono Always Wears Sunglasses

When you push aside the fact that he’s a world renowned rock star/humanitarian with millions of dollars, things have been kind of tough lately for U2 lead singer Bono since the world joined together to tell him and his bandmates to shove their free album/Apple promotion up their asses.

The hatred for the free copy of “Songs of Innocence” has grown to such a point that Bono even felt the need to apologize to the internet over the unwanted gift. And so to the internet I ask, are you proud of yourself for making Bono apologize? Well you shouldn’t be, because it turns out that you all ganged up on a blind man!

Well, not exactly, but Bono does apparently have issues with his vision.

For two decades his insistence on wearing sunglasses, even when indoors, has been seen simply as part of his rockstar image.

But Bono, 54, has revealed that his trademark shades are instead there to alleviate difficulties caused by a chronic eye condition.

Speaking on BBC1’s Graham Norton show, the U2 frontman explained that for the past 20 years he has had glaucoma, a condition that can make eyes more sensitive to light.

Asked by Norton whether he ever removes his shades, Bono replied: “This is a good place to explain to people that I’ve had glaucoma for the last 20 years. I have good treatments and I am going to be fine.”

The singer added: “You’re not going to get this out of your head now and you will be saying, ‘Ah, poor old blind Bono.’”

Poor old blind Bono…

In all seriousness, Bono’s admission will probably help spread awareness about glaucoma and it will surely help to erase the idea that he’s just some sunglasses wearing celebrity *sshole. I’m also quite sure that it will help keep Stevie Wonder truthers busy once they run out of conspiracy theories about microphone stands and Boy George.

Source: The Guardian