A Rare Andre 3000 Cover Limited To 5,000 Vinyl Copies Is Available For Record Store Day

The slate of Record Store Day releases has grown to such a huge size that something like Andre 3000 does The Beatles can be glossed over at first glance. In between a slate of releases from David Bowie and Prince, there sits a 7″ by Three Stacks performing the Yellow Submarine track “All Together Now.”

The 7″ single comes via Sony Legacy and likely won’t be too hard to get your paws on. Sony’s throwing behind it in a big way with a run of 5,000 copies. If you want know what Andre covering The Beatles sounds like before you shell out some cash, you’re in luck. We’ve already heard this cover before.

The OutKast rapper originally covered the song for a Nike ad that ran during the 2010 NBA Finals and centered around Kobe Bryant. It’s Andre at his rough-around-the-edges jam session best and you can hear a good bit of it below:

We just have to accept that it takes someone with the stature of The Beatles or Frank Ocean (with an occasional bone-throw to Kid Cudi) to get Andre to come out of his hibernation chamber. So you definitely won’t find any more new material from the rapper — especially not with longtime compatriot Big Boi — there are plenty of odd rap releases to look over on the RSD list.