Cee-Lo Green Reveals Andre 3000’s So-Called Drake Diss Is Actually Two Years Old

Whenever Andre 3000 pops up, he’s the talk of the internet. His latest verse on Frank Ocean’s “Solo” might have convinced many that he was dissing Drake, but Cee-Lo Green clears the air on any potential beef during an interview with Sway in the Morning.

Cee-Lo discussed how the Dungeon Family is getting ready to reunite at an upcoming event in September, then transitioned into a recent conversation he had with Andre. “I said [to Three Stacks], ‘you spazzed on this,'” Cee-Lo says around the 9:40 mark. “He was telling me that he did that verse two years ago.”

Even though Drake isn’t the direct source of inspiration, the lines about MCs not writing their own material still apply to him. Cee-Lo’s clarifying statements don’t mean we’re not going to see a back and forth war between the Atlien and the Canadian boy wonder at all. It’s possible Drake interpreted Andre’s words just like everyone else and already has a rebuttal ready. But, perhaps it’s more likely someone will share this interview with him or he’ll have a private conversation of his own with 3000 and squash things before they go any further.

Aside from that Andre bit, the real interesting news coming from this interview is that Gnarls Barkley is looking to reunite for another album. The talks have been on-going for years dating back to 2010, but this time Cee-Lo says he’s planning a prequel mixtape titled Gnarley Davidson. He quickly changes the subject after revealing that, so it’s unclear if Danger Mouse is going to have involvement in the tape, too. Even if this third Barkley album talk comes and goes, we’ll still be getting something out of it this time.