Andrew W.K. Played The Drums For 24 Straight Hours

It could be the plot of the greatest worst movie ever — “The president has outlawed partying for good, unless one man and his ragtag team of friends can play drums for 24 hours straight” — but instead, it’s just a fascinating publicity stunt: Andrew W.K., who gets wet to this kind of stuff, drummed for an entire day, without stopping.

“WE DID IT!!! 24 HOURS OF DRUMMING!!!” the musician tweeted on Thursday night. “Remember… I didn’t do it, WE did it. You were with me every beat. I feel very emotional and party.”

Performing as part of the O Music Awards, he set out on Wednesday night to break break the record for the longest drum session in a retail store. His day-long session was held in Times Square and broadcast as part of the award show’s live-stream.

Making it until the end wasn’t easy: “My hands and back are hurting,” he tweeted with over two hours still to go. “Oh JOY!” he added as he hit the final hour. (Via)

W.K. was joined by Marky Ramone, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nick Jonas, Zac Hanson, and Questlove, because if something musical happens in New York, Questlove’s legally mandated to be there.

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