Andy Levy Gives Chris Brown The Apology He Deserves

08.19.11 25 Comments

Chris Brown is a twat. Everyone knows this. With the exception, of course, of Chris Brown and the impossibly delusional death-cult (“Team Breezy”) that hangs on his every word and porn-y gyration. How he can do the things he’s done, continue to act like a petulant child, on and offline, and still be fawned over like some sort of Michael Jackson-esque modern day musical diety is a Bermuda triangle-like mystery to me. He is, indeed, a maddening enigma. But I digress.

So the other night, Chris Brown tweeted something most self-aware people with his background would know not to tweet: “No more planking for me unless it’s on a sexy lady. LOL!” Many people responded to him, mainly derisively, but Andy Levy of Fox’s Red Eye — one of the two shows I actually enjoy on Fox News, Shep Smith’s afternoon news show being the other — retweeted him with a response that caught Brown’s attention.

So last night, Levy “apologized” to Brown and his fans on the air, and it was pretty damn fantastic. It was, in my opinion, precisely the apology Chris Brown deserved.

Y’all have a great weekend!

(HT: Mediaite)

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