Andy Richter’s Son Painted Young Thug For A UCLA Art Gallery Show And It’s Amazing

Everybody loves Young Thug. Well, maybe not everybody, but those in the know love the Atlanta rapper and his biggest fans cherish him like some sort of deity. Apparently, amongst those diehards is Conan co-host Andy Richter’s son William. When it came time for him to paint something for an art show for high school students at UCLA, he decided to paint Thugger.

Check out this masterpiece:

This is not the first time Thug has been compared to classic art, but William literally reimagined Thug as classic art, referencing a painting by early 20th century Austrian painter Egon Schiele.

For William’s piece “Young Thug after Schiele,” he reimagined Schiele’s renown portrait of his wife “Portrait Of Edith Schiele In A Striped Dress,” one of the artist’s many paintings of his wife. He simply placed Thug, with an exasperated look on his face and a septum ring in his nose, in a similar dress with acrylic paint. It’s incredible, and if Thug ever gets wind of the painting my guess is he’ll want a print, if not the original.

As for Andy, the proud father, he was just about speechless about his son’s great work, offering one simple critique “I am blown away.”