Drop Everything And Watch The ShowBiz Pizza Place Animatronic Band Play ‘Pop, Lock And Drop It’

Joe Paull directed this video of an animatronic band from the ’80s performing Huey’s 2006 Billboard hit “Pop, Lock and Drop It” featuring Lil Bow Wow and T-Pain. You might recognize these characters as a The Rock-afire Explosion animatronic band originally franchised out to Billy Bob’s Wonderland in West Virginia by the company behind ShowBiz Pizza Place. I have memories seared into my darkest subconscious of ShowBiz Pizza, and they all involve this face:

That’s Billy Bob Brockali, an ursine yokel decked in overalls who always seemed to be a moment away from whispering, “Prepare your anus.” And somehow I still have fond memories of him. It’s complicated.

via Orangehouse