Drop Everything And Watch The ShowBiz Pizza Place Animatronic Band Play ‘Pop, Lock And Drop It’

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01.03.14 5 Comments

Joe Paull directed this video of an animatronic band from the ’80s performing Huey’s 2006 Billboard hit “Pop, Lock and Drop It” featuring Lil Bow Wow and T-Pain. You might recognize these characters as a The Rock-afire Explosion animatronic band originally franchised out to Billy Bob’s Wonderland in West Virginia by the company behind ShowBiz Pizza Place. I have memories seared into my darkest subconscious of ShowBiz Pizza, and they all involve this face:

That’s Billy Bob Brockali, an ursine yokel decked in overalls who always seemed to be a moment away from whispering, “Prepare your anus.” And somehow I still have fond memories of him. It’s complicated.

via Orangehouse

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