Heart’s Angsty, Roiling Cover Of ‘Black Hole Sun’ Is An Epic Tribute To Chris Cornell

You can get something of a measure of a person’s impact by how many people come to celebrate their life after they’ve gone. Based on the wide-range of touching tributes that have poured in from friends and fans alike in the immediate aftermath of his death, it’s fair to say that Chris Cornell left a far larger imprint on the world than maybe even he knew.

The lead singer of Heart, Ann Wilson, is the latest luminary to come out and honor the departed Soundgarden front man. Wilson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night where she joined the host’s band for an incredible take on Soundgarden’s biggest hit “Black Hole Sun.” Wilson’s vocal acrobatics were absolutely hair-raising. At the end she brought the mic to her chest and gave a salute.

Ann Wilson, and her sister Nancy, have been friends with Cornell for quite a long time. When Heart was chosen to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2012, the pair tapped Cornell to be the one to give the induction speech. During that ceremony, Cornell said, “I’ve sat in the living room with Ann and Nancy Wilson, it’s some of the best live singing I’ve ever heard. As a vocalist, she is one of the few vocal role models that I look to…When these sisters sing together, its unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.” Adding, “Heart was important to us, not just as musicians, but as proof that Seattle could produce something beautiful and rocking.”

In a statement put out yesterday, Ann Wilson said, “It’s important now to keep thoughts of Chris positive. He is on his way. We loved him well, now wish him well on his journey. He was and is a beautiful soul.”