Premiere: Canadian Folk Songwriter Anna Wiebe’s ‘New Behaviour’ Is Rebellious Instead Of Sweet

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Lilia Clarke

Canadian folk songwriter Anna Wiebe has been softly strumming her way into hearts since she was a tender 17-year-old. Though she’s grown up quite a bit since, that tenderness has remained embedded in her lilting, longing work. Over the course of the last few years, Wiebe has collaborated with artists like electronic balladeer Swim Good aka Jon Jasper-Lawless, “mystical dirtbag” Merival aka Anna Horvath, and stream-of-consciousness producer LUM (Liam Sanagan).

Wiebe also works in a folk-harmony duo called Kildear, is part of the contemporary soul band Only Sundays, and has been a member of the Toronto-based indie rock collective First Rate People. After studying psychology and studio art at the University of Guelph, she’s graduated and set her sights fully on music, focusing in on her own debut album.

Her debut is called New Behavior and it’s a honeyed collection of off-kilter folk songs that strike just beyond the borders of a typical heart. Now 24, Wiebe’s had seven years to hone her delicate guitar playing and complex harmonies. But instead of turning her sights toward the past, like many folk artists are inclined to do, she directs her songwriting outward, to explore the only topic that truly remains timeless — the puzzling work of becoming yourself.

Today we’re premiering the title track off the record, “New Behaviour,” a tremendous tribute to the power of claiming your own growth. It veers slightly rebellious where it could’ve turned sweet, pushing forward on Wiebe’s warm harmonies and additional guitar work from Daniel Kruger, who also produced the track. Listen below and check out the artwork and tracklist for New Behavior.

Anna Wiebe

New Behaviour tracklist

1. “Artist”
2. “New Behavior”
3. “Satisfied”
4. “This Bet”
5. “Heaven”
6. “Through The Window”
7. “I Don’t Mind”
8. “My Kind”
9. “Sunroom”
10. “Hot Hearted”

New Behavior will be out Nov. 3 with a release show at the Burdock in Toronto.

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