Anne Hathaway Deserves An Award For Her Spirited Cover Of ‘Wrecking Ball’

The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting article on Spike’s surprise hit Lip Sync Battle, and how NBC pulled an NBC by passing on it. Jimmy Fallon didn’t create the concept of mouthing along to famous songs, obviously, but his celebrity lip-sync The Tonight Show segment was popular enough to warrant discussion of a spinoff series. NBC already picked up another show of his, though, a “Make Me Laugh-style project,” so when Fallon pitched Lip Sync Battle, NBC said no, because “it felt like a segment within Hollywood Game Night rather than its own show.”

Oh well, their loss is Spike’s gain, assuming you think watching Anne Hathaway covering Miley Cyrus (it’s the full performance, not a clip) is a good thing. Results may vary.