Producer Anthony Dey Thinks Festival Looks Are Changing for the Better

Festival looks might be a staple on Instagram, but the reality is that some of those fringe jackets and bohemian styles just aren’t practical for festival life. According to producer Anthony Dey, festival veterans are making sure they feel good as much as they look good.

“Style today is comfortable clothes,” Dey told Uproxx for Artist Pass. “You can go to the festival in some sweats and some sneakers and a hoodie and you’re good.”

And Dey knows a thing or two about style — not only has he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and Nick Jonas, but his work has taken him to a wide range of festivals, from Smokin Grooves to EDC. He’s seen a lot of festival looks, but no matter the genre, scene, or location, newbies can easily be identified by this obvious mistake: “I know everyone wants to wear their Off-White but… you got to wear something you’re ready to get beat up cause you’ll just be mad the whole time someone steps on your fresh white.”

For Dey, the priority at any festival is to have a good time and music fans can’t do that if they’re stressing over a clean look. To hear more of his tips on what to bring and what to leave behind, check out the video above where he breaks down why comfort is key to ensure a good time. “You can be comfortable no matter what,” he said. “Just don’t wear a suit.”