Is Anyone Really Surprised That Justin Bieber Was Carried Up The Great Wall Of China?

Early yesterday morning, the Twitter account BelieveTourUpdates posted a photo of Justin Bieber and his entourage celebrating their trip to the top of the Great Wall of China during a break from touring in the Far East. That was probably a pretty great experience for all of them, as not a lot of people get to travel outside of America, let alone visit one of the world’s great wonders. Of course, it was the next picture that really made a lot people stop and say, “Wait, what?”

As you can see above, the crown prince of putz had two of his bodyguards actually carry him up the Great Wall, possibly because his pants were sagging too low, but more likely because of one of two reasons.

1) He’s so insanely delusional that he thinks that he’s worthy of being carried so that he may not tire his precious, regal legs, and he figures since he pays two huge men to protect him from harm, they might as well carry him. In this case, he’s the real life version of Dave Chappelle’s impression of Diddy.

2) He’s just f*cking with us and trying to make people freak out about his diva behavior because he’s so funny, y’all.

Either way, a lot of people have been acting like this is anything different than everything we’ve come to expect from the Biebs, but does it really surprise anyone anymore? No need to get sick over it.