Apple Provides The Soundtrack To NASA’s ‘Juno’ Mission To Jupiter

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Science is amazing. Right now, as you’re reading this post, there is a NASA probe on its way to Jupiter. The “Juno” mission, as it’s called, started in 2011. After five long years it’s finally set to enter Jupiter’s atmosphere on the 4th of July.

“Over the course of a year, Juno will map the entire surface of Jupiter, all the while using nine scientific instruments to probe the gas giant’s interior composition and powerful magnetic field. “Nobody’s ever seen Jupiter the way we will,” Juno mission director Scott Bolton told Gizmodo.”

Apple shot a film starring Scott Bolton, the “principal investigator” of Juno, in honor of “the first time he saw the night sky unhampered by light pollution, and found himself overcome with wonder and awe.” Apparently, this is a “sentiment shared by musician Corinne Bailey Rae, among others, epitomizing the deep connection between science and music that is the central thesis of the film.”

Apple created an entire section, Destination Jupiter, on iTunes and Apple Music to capture all the music that was sampled on the film. The background music for the film features a wide variety of sources, including rap, r&b, rock, and alternative music. Those artists include Corinne Bailey Rae, Weezer, and Apple music executive Trent Reznor.

GZA’s “The Spark” is one of the songs featured on the soundtrack. It was produced by Paul Ryder and Jesse Pritchett and premiered on Beats 1 Radio. “The Spark” is now available for stream or purchase.