Watch Arcade Fire Determine If ‘Can’t Feel My Face,’ ‘Summer Of ’69’ And More Are Jams Or Not Jams

We have an idea around here if a song is a “jam” or not. It’s just one of those things that you can’t quite qualify — you just know it in your bones. Makers of several jams (both upbeat and sad) Arcade Fire were asked to make some decisions in a game called “Jam or Not a Jam.” The clip, courtesy of CBC, was filmed while the band premiered their new music documentary, The Reflektor Tapes, at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, and Tim Kingsbury were each given a pair of headphones and asked what they thought of some contemporary music, as well as some classics. While Régine and Tim sort of hated everything, especially The Weeknd (sorry, Abel), Win was a bit more optimistic. He even bought a little stock in the Justin Bieber resurgence by saying “Where Are U Now” is actually pretty good. While some of that may be tempered by the fact that Arcade Fire recorded with Diplo and Skrillex this summer, it’s still progress!

Either way, it’s always fun to see what music your favorite musicians enjoy, or at least deem tolerable. While we wait for the rumored fifth Arcade Fire studio album to drop, it’s good to know that Win Butler perhaps might be listening to Bryan Adams somewhere while he’s shooting hoops. What a wonderful world to live in.

(Via Consequence of Sound)