Arcade Fire’s New ‘Signs Of Life’ Video Is An Exhilarating Quest To Uncover The Paranormal

We are officially less than a month away from getting Arcade Fire’s fifth album Everything Now. To help ratchet up the buzz, today, the group shared a brand new video for the song “Signs Of Life.” Keeping with the theme of the title, the clip, directed by Borscht, depicts a couple traveling around together in search of the paranormal. As was the case for their last pair of videos, the results are entirely trippy, yet totally engrossing.

“Signs Of Life” opens with what appears to be a couple frantically on the move. A subtitle explains that, “Special agents in love enjoy a pleasant day of cultural activities.” Things only get weirder from there. There’s boats, extraterrestrials, lake monsters, and what seems to be some kind of undiscovered neon psychedelic organisms. As for the actual music, it carries a distinct, vintage ’70s vibe, almost Blondie-esque in feeling.

“Signs Life” is the third song that Arcade Fire has revealed from Everything Now. They had already previously unveiled the single “Creature Comforts,” as well as the Mavis Staples featured track, “I Give You Power.” It seems as though in this era, the band has decided to embrace their weirder side, after stepping out into a more dance party vibe on their last album Reflektor. I’m personally here for it.

You can watch Arcade Fire’s latest video above.