Arcade Fire Have A Foggy, Funky ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performance Then Apologize For Being Canadian

Arcade Fire recently released short film/double music video Money + Love starring Toni Colette. It’s a whispy visitation to last year’s Everything Now featuring “Put Your Money On Me” and “We Don’t Deserve Love,” which didn’t entirely inform their song choices for their latest stop at Saturday Night Live.

Instead, the floor glowed and the band danced along to “Creature Comfort” in shimmering gold suits. The entire band filled up the stage, as expected, and the pulsing disco underneath the track kept their heads bobbing as the fog joined them.

Then the band, who are all Canadian except for Win Butler, decide to play themselves in a sketch about penitent Canadians. They all apologize to each other.

Then they march out for their second performance of the night — “Put Your Money On Me.” The performance started roughly a third through the song in feeds across the country which was a damn shame. It featured a somewhat stripped down, twinkly piano version of the song. The band’s signature power seems to be drowned-out amidst the lights of the supporting slot machines and backing video package.

The band recently announced a summer world tour, which will begin April 6 in Dublin and cross the globe, completing their scheduled 33 stops in Copenhagen on August 10.

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