Arcade Fire Trolled Everyone At Coachella With Some Famous Punks

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04.21.14 3 Comments

It wouldn’t be a major music festival without at least one “Daft Punk is playing…here!” rumor. They’re as omnipresent as clean port-a-potties are rare, though rarely do they originate from a band actually playing the festival. Last night at Coachella, Arcade Fire was joined by two familiar looking French robots manning a DJ table for a performance of “Get Lucky.” The crowd immediately freaked out, except for the one guy in the back who kept yelling FAKEEEEEEEEEE. He was right.

The Robots in question donned Daft Punk’s Grammys attire and signature helmets, and stood behind a DJ booth for a rendition of “Get Lucky”. The only problem? As you can see in the video clips below, there was no real button pushing, nor were the two DJs the same height or weight as the real McCoy. Win Butler also reportedly referred to them as Phat Dunk. (Via)

The “video clips” are now gone, but this tweet remains:

daft punk coachella

Phat Dunk sounds like the name of the greatest 1994 video game that never was.

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