Arctic Monkeys’ ‘She Looks Like Fun’ Was Made For The Late Night Stage

If you’re having trouble connecting to Arctic Monkeys’ new album, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, one remedy might be trying it in the middle of the night. Alex Turner is channeling his inner Bowie for the crooniest songs the band has ever made, and exploring how they make more sense under the cover of night might be the best avenue to their heart.

Take, for example, how much the songs have opened up on their recent tour of late night programming. We’ve already heard the majesty that is “Four Out Of Five” on the late night stage, but Arctic Monkeys solidified this last night with a spirited performance of “She Looks Like Fun.” The way the audience of The Late Late Show With James Corden cheers the first time Turner opens his mouth speaks to just how much they are eating up his suave routine.

The song also serves as a reminder that though the new album is more piano-heavy than ever before, that doesn’t mean the guitar doesn’t have a place. The weepy solo at this one’s center is a nod to the classic rock that the Monkeys are invoking, and a demonstration at how much harmony is found in this current iteration.

Check out Arctic Monkeys’ “She Looks Like Fun” above, and look for Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino out now on Domino.