Ariana Grande Fixed Her Botched ‘7 Rings’ AKA Charcoal Grill Tattoo — Or Made It Worse

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RIP, tiny charcoal grill.

After posting (and deleting) photos of her misspelled Japanese palm tattoo yesterday, Ariana Grande has apparently gotten the tattoo fixed.

The palm is one of the most famously painful places to get a tattoo — the more nerve endings, the more pain and discomfort, and hands are basically a huge tangle of nerves. Grande meant to get “7 Rings” tattooed in Japanese there, but had to get the tattoo finished early because she couldn’t sit through the pain. “7 Rings” missing a few key Japanese characters is not “7 Rings,” of course, and Grande’s much-mocked tattoo ended up being an homage to a barbecue grill.

But Grande apparently got the tattoo fixed last night. You can see the whole saga chronicled on her Instagram story, but long story short, her “tutor” Ayumi came up with some ways to fix the tat and make it a readable “7 Rings.” The tattoo’s original artist, Kane Navasard, added two more characters below the charcoal grill, including a little heart. Grande apparently needed a shot of lidocaine from her doctor to sit through the second session.

Ariana Grande

In her Instagram story, Grande called her new tattoo “slightly better,” but TMZ thinks the opposite. The news outlet reports that adding the character for “finger” under the charcoal BBQ grill just makes the tattoo say “7 BBQ fingers” (and, uh, a heart.) Splitting the Japanese characters into a four-square makes the tattoo mostly illegible.

Don’t worry, though, Ari — like you said, the spot is one of the quickest to fade. And it’s not even the worst tattoo a musician got this week.