Ariana Grande Defends Her Interest In Japanese Culture In A Series Of Emotional Tweets

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Ariana Grande spoke out on Twitter on Saturday, addressing her botched Japanese character tattoo since getting the ink — and attempting to correct it — earlier this week.

Grande’s tweets were incited by a TMZ report that the young singer was offered 1.5 million dollars by a laser removal company to get her palm tattoo removed.

Grande’s tattoo, meant to say “7 Rings” after her newest single, was shortened to two characters after Grande couldn’t endure the pain of sitting through a tattoo on such a delicate spot. The original two-character tattoo actually translated to “small charcoal grill,” though, and Grande attempted to fix it by adding the character for “finger” and a heart.

The tattoo still does not read “7 Rings” (it’s a jumbled, nonsensical “7 BBQ fingers”), and some fans have been calling for her to get the embarrassing misspelling removed. Some Japanese fans are offended that Grande (who, by her own admission, “cannot read or write Kanji”) would use Japanese culture as a decoration, with little regard for the meaning behind the characters.

The singer responded to some fans on Twitter Saturday, defending her decision to get (and fix) the tattoo. Grande said that the tattoo was done out of love and appreciation for Japanese culture, and that she is learning the language and would love to move to Japan someday. Grande said she has “crippling anxiety” about hurting and disappointing people, and the media storm surrounding her tattoo has left her feeling hurt. In the end, Grande just asks that we pay attention to the music: “I jus wanna sing man. Wake me up when tour starts.”

Check out Grande’s tweets about the tattoo situation below.