Ariana Grande Does Celine Dion Better Than Celine Dion

Ex-Milwaukee Bucks player Ariana Grande had a grand ol’ time with Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s The Tonight Show. She and Jimmy had some fun in another installment of “Ew”, but Grande’s grandest bit came when she performed her famous Celine Dion impression at Fallon’s request.

Her “famous” impression, you ask? Apparently, since Fallon couldn’t stop talking about it, and now we know why. Grande didn’t just sing like Celine, she talked and bantered like the Titanic songstress too. The show host meanwhile spent most of the segment bent over his desk, laughing inaudibly and uncontrollably.

It’s definitely an uncanny moment for anyone who was conscious during the ’90s. The downside is the impression brings back traumatic memories of Dion’s monumental hit “My Heart Will Go On”, the song nearly every radio station in the country felt the need to play on a loop. I don’t like suffering alone, so here it is in all its YouTube glory:

(Via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)