Teens Are Showing Their Support For Ariana Grande By Licking Donuts

07.14.15 4 years ago 17 Comments
ariana grande concert

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Did you hear the one about the Disney Channel prop-turned-pop star who licked a donut? The setup is the punchline, because there’s nothing funnier than people being mad at someone dragging their tongue across fried dough. The latest update in #DonutGate: The owner of Wolfee Donuts, where the scene of the delicious crime occurred, is pressing charges against Grande after his bakery was downgraded from an “A” to a “B” by health inspectors.

Meanwhile, teens, the most loyal creatures of all, are showing their support for Grande in her time of apologetic need by, well, licking donuts. #LickDonutsWithAri #NotAllDonuts

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