Ariana Grande Is A Doughnut-Licking America-Hater, According To This Video

I’m going to assume you watched the above TMZ video, where pop star Ariana Grande tongues a few rando doughnuts and then her rando boyfriend, most likely sharing whatever’s been in said rando boyfriend’s mouth unto the pastries of America and the unwitting pastry-eaters of America; a country that Grande also seemingly says she hates in the same video.

If you have seen the video, the question is pretty straightforward: Are you more offended by the young-love-induced doughnut-licking silliness or the reverse patriotism in the heart of freedom, aka a doughnut shop? In the tradition of all the great newsmen like Geraldo and Sean Hannity, I won’t pick a side, but in your heart, you know you already have.