People Are Only Just Realizing The NSFW Meaning Behind Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj’s ‘Side To Side’

The sweaty lyrics to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s Soul Cycle commercial jingle “Side to Side” aren’t exactly subtle. The chorus goes, “I’ve been here all night / I’ve been here all day / And boy me walkin’ side to side.” Grande’s proudly boasting that she’s been with her man for hours, and they’ve been having so much sex, she’s having trouble walking. And just in case Nicki’s “ride dick bicycle” wasn’t obvious enough, Grande confirmed to reporters at the VMAs, “That whole song is about riding leading to soreness.”

Still, some people (read: dorks) are very confused.

Girls creator Lena Dunham recently tweeted, “Jack just explained that the song Side to Side is about getting railed so hard you can’t walk. SO MANY EMOTIONZ.” (Speaking of E•MO•TIONs: the “Jack” in Lena’s tweet is Bleachers/fun. member Jack Antonoff, who wrote “Sweetie” for Carly Rae Jepsen. Unless “sweetie, sweetie” is code for something I’m not aware of, that song is not about post-coital limping.) She’s not the only one to have her world rocked.

The beautiful simplicity of “Side to Side” can be summed up through emojis.

It’s a shame Twitter wasn’t around when “Brick” and “Here’s to the Night” were released. Ben Folds and Guy from Eve 6: the original Ariana and Nicki.