Ariana Grande Deserves Space To Grieve For Mac Miller And Pete Davidson Without Media Scrutiny

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10.15.18 4 Comments

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Now that news has broken that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have called off their whirlwind engagement, the next step is, of course, rampant internet speculation about why they did so. The most convenient explanation to present itself is that their breakup is the result of the recent overdose death of Mac Miller, who was previously involved with Grande before she linked up with Davidson. Many sites and fans have already run with this reasoning, despite the fact that there is little evidence to support it.

After all, there could be any reason for a split between two people, from financial reasons to impending long-term business commitments which are common to the entertainment industry both are a part of. Due to the brisk timing of their engagement, from casually dating to engaged in a matter of months, it’s entirely possible that the pair simply were forced by circumstance to reevaluate their compatibility and life goals and realized they weren’t as great a match as they thought.

However, if we were to operate under the assumption that the grief from Mac Miller’s death caused friction in their relationship, so what? It’s no one’s business but their own.

Grief is an odd thing. Psychologists and therapists have invented multiple frameworks for trying to understand it, including the arguably best-known, the seven stages of grief theory, but there is no perfect system for analyzing how humans process loss. It’s clear that Ariana was deeply affected by Mac’s loss; she commented at length about being worried about how his dependency on drugs strained her relationship with him, and other stars close to the pair confirmed that she maintained contact with him after their breakup. It’s difficult to deal with someone who has an addiction, but it’s also difficult to simply cut off someone you care about deeply and move on.

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