Ariana Grande Appears To Have Subtweeted The Hell Out Of Former Fiancé Pete Davidson

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Last we checked in on Pete Davidson — about an hour before these words were written — he was joking, yet again, in a Saturday Night Live ad about his recent break-up with former fiancée Adriana Grande. He’s been doing that, in a way that most of us presumed was kosher with her. Hell, right after their split last month, she’d gone public saying good things about him. Well, no more, possibly. Behold this tweet from Thursday night:

Of course, she could mean someone else. Maybe she’s dragging Jacob Wohl, that dude who likes Trump and may have made up a Robert Mueller sex scandal. Or perhaps she’s decided, out of nowhere and for no discernible reason, to start beef with fellow singer Troye Sivan, with whom she did that charming duet with that charming video where they played besties.

Okay, who are we kidding? Neither of those is likely. And it’s painfully clear — barring any out-of-nowhere culprits — that the real object of her diss is almost certainly the man with whom she nearly spent the rest of her life, who keeps showing off how good humored he is about very recent heartbreak while she respectfully nurses her grief in quiet.

Anyway, her fans got it.