Ariel Pink Becomes ‘Ariel Stinks’ Among Other Gross Things On ‘The Eric Andre Show’

In the indie music world, Ariel Pink is an oddity: cranking out warped, catchy tunes and borderline-unlistenable noise in equal measure. But even he can’t stand up to the level of weird that Eric Andre cranks out from behind the desk of his demented funhouse of a talkshow.

During his performance of the House Arrest track “Helen” on the The Eric Andre Show, Pink saw the cover art of one of his early collections come to life in the most disgusting way possible. Andre covers the singer with a toilet bowl full of brown filth before bringing in “Travis Barker” and “*NSYNC” to back up his tunes. Eventually, Pink can’t handle the chaos anymore and he resorts to smashing the Andre’s desk, much in the same way that Andre starts every episode. Check it out up top and look for the possible sly “Too Many Cooks” reference toward the end of the bit.

As far as musical performances on Andre’s show go, it’s no “Flying Lotus Checks His Emails”. But then again, it’s unfair to expect that level of heat from just about anyone. And if we’re ranking musical guests, Pink was definitely a better sport about the whole thing than T.I.