The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Song Got A Trance Remix From Armin Van Buuren

Getty Image

The theme song for Game of Thrones is one of the longest on TV, basically because it has to introduce so many actors. But with that lengthy opening sequence comes perhaps one of the most covered theme songs in recent memory. Artists like Chvrches and Marissa Nadler have covered the main theme, as well as countless marching bands, the cast of the show, and it’s even been barked by a dog. And that’s not even counting the music simply inspired by the show.

Today’s treatment comes from electronic music legend Armin Van Buuren with a version you could actually put on your gym playlist. With this trance version, you can pretend you’re being burned alive by a dragon, decapitated, or other spoilery things that we won’t suggest. But if you’re caught up, you can picture them. Surprisingly, the song works on its own merits as an EDM fist pumper, proving that Game of Thrones is universally applicable in pretty much any conceivable arena. Except, poisoning people you don’t like probably isn’t acceptable in the real world… well, yet.

(Via SoundCloud)