Art Garfunkel Assisted Black Simon And Garfunkel To Knock Out The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Jimmy Fallon brought out his suggestion box again this week, but one suggestion involved the recurring Black Simon & Garfunkel bit with Questlove and Captain Kirk Douglas from The Roots. They cover The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” and it seems pretty normal at first, but then the audience breaks out in applause and the real Art Garfunkel makes an appearance to help out the duo.

Paul Simon is nowhere to be found, I assume because he’s stuck in a mouse hole or something. But Garfunkel is here without his hair and sounding pretty much like he used to. It’s one of those nice little distractions of the typical Fallon stunts, usually dealing with a go cart race with the Pope or something. It’s also much better than the suggestion that came before this one that featured a woodsman waking wolves. It’s the type of thing Eric Andre might make work, but Fallon can’t with the needs of that network television audience. Not enough marijuana floating around.

Feel free to compare it to The Weeknd’s version below. It certainly lacks the groove and bounce, but the dignity is there. I only hope that Art Garfunkel can still feel his face at this point in his life, otherwise this post is taking a depressing turn.

(Via The Tonight Show)