ASAP Rocky Says He’d ‘Love To’ Perform In His Former Swedish Prison But Doubts He’ll Be Able To

Since ASAP Rocky’s highly-publicized aggravated assault trial in Sweden, the rapper has decided to give back. Not only is he returning to the country for a benefit concert, but he’s even re-designed his former prison’s uniforms. Now, he says he’d “love to” return to the prison to give the inmates a performance.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Rocky explained his reasoning for visiting the country for the first time since his trial. “We’re just trying to stay positive in light of all this,” he said.

“When I was in Sweden, I met so many people like myself. All of those immigrants didn’t really have the kind of support they needed. Like me, being a celebrity, I had worldwide coverage. We had the American Embassy. These people come from countries that they don’t have help, you know? And Sweden, they take in immigrants and sh*t like that. And I just felt like I wanted to give back but I didn’t know how. When I was locked up all those fans were showing me support on the television, I’d wake up and see it. I feel like they don’t want us to go back. They want us to be scared to go over there. I think it’s brave what I’m doing. We’re donating with this immigration service called FARR. They help a lot of immigrants get the right kind of help that they need. Because people sitting in jail for 10 months, 2 years, and they never see a judge. It’s crazy.”

On top of performing for Swedish fans, Rocky said he would want to perform for his former fellow inmates, but doubts it is a possibility. “I would love to but being that it’s a maximum-security lock-down detention center, you gotta stay in a room for 23 hours a day, I doubt they’ll let those people get a performance,” he said. But according to TMZ, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service said they would “seriously” consider a formal request from the rapper to perform and be open to discussing how to make it happen.

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