ASAP Rocky Made A Surprise Appearance During Tame Impala’s Set At Lowlands Festival

Getty Image

ASAP Rocky is back to touring after avoiding any further jail time in his Sweden assault case. He performed his own set at Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands this weekend, then joined Tame Impala onstage during their headlining set after. He performed “Sundress,” his 2018 single that samples Tame Impala’s 2010 song “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” and is co-produced by Danger Mouse. He also performed his At. Long. Last. ASAP single, “LSD,” receiving a raucous round of applause from the crowd. You can watch the set below.

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed Rocky’s touring future was in dire straits as he awaited trial in a Swedish jail for assault after a Stockholm brawl was captured on camera and made its way to social media. Rocky was released after the trial, returning to the US for a Real Street Fest performance featuring friends and collaborators Tyler The Creator and ASAP Ferg, and was not required to return to Sweden to hear the verdict.

It’s a “good news/bad news” situation on that front; the bad news is that Rocky was found guilty. The good news is that Rocky avoided any further jail time — the prosecutors pursued a six-month sentence, arguing that Rocky threw a bottle during the fight. They couldn’t prove it, so his prison sentence was suspended, so long as he avoids getting into any more trouble. Considering the general attitude among his closest associates seems to be “avoid Sweden at all costs,” he probably won’t see the inside of another Swedish jail again.