These Aspiring Rappers Filmed A Music Video In North Korea For Some Reason

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11.30.13 5 Comments


Sure, 80 people were just executed for owning Bibles and watching foreign movies in North Korea. But forget about all that sh*t because hip hop has invaded the nation!

DC area rappers Pacman and Peso used their fans, Kickstarter and a wealthy benefactor to raise $10,000 and punch their ticket to the notoriously private nation. From the AP:

The rappers known as Pacman and Peso did not say where and how they filmed the footage, which their fundraising proposal suggested would be done on a karaoke party bus in Pyongyang. Their custom trip was arranged through a travel agency specializing in taking Westerners to North Korea, according to the proposal. Americans are able to travel to North Korea on arranged tours and are constantly accompanied by North Korea minders.

You wouldn’t think we were still technically at war with North Korea. With Dennis Rodman building bridges with Kim Jong Un, it can’t be long until we are breaking bread and sharing drinks with the great leader ourselves. Bread and drinks the citizens of North Korea can only dream about.

“I mean we did not go there to be political. We just go down there to shoot our video and that about the reason why we went, not political,” said Pacman — whose real name is Anthony Bobb. The duo from the Washington area spoke to reporters at an airport in Beijing upon their return from a five-day trip to North Korea. “Nobody shot a video in North Korea, let alone thought of it. Nobody even thought of making a video in North Korea. You know what I’m saying?” said Peso, whose real name is Dontray Ennis. (via)

I fully expect Kanye West to immediately head to North Korea to film his next awkward video. No one outdoes Yeezy, not in this day and age. He is a visionary and a great man. He’ll fit in perfectly next to Kim Jong Un.

(Lead pic via AP/ Andy Wong)

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