At Long Last, The Bon Iver Workout Video Is Here

At some point surely you’ve looked at Bon Iver/Justin Vernon on stage and wondered, “How does he get that body?” Well, as it turns out, he works out with a trainer. And when he and his band are on the road, they all work out together.

Reports Pitchfork:

The clip details the heartwarming story of Vernon’s relationship with his personal trainer, Jeff Rogers (“I ran into Jeff [the trainer] at the Y… and he started showing me workouts we could do”). Vernon says he has a history of a back condition called sciatica (along with long-standing resentment towards the idea of working out), which Rogers has been helping him work through over the last two years.

Will being a dude who “works out” hurt Bon Iver’s indie cred? Is Bon Iver the new Jane Fonda? I’m anxiously waiting for Carles at Hipster Runoff to weigh in on this. (UPDATE: Carles has weighed in: “He must be trying to become some sort of ‘fitness expert’, eventually becoming a judge on the Biggest Loser where u get to humiliate fat ppl. It’s basically the opposite of having a ‘feeder’ fetish.”)

Meanwhile the sure-to-be-controversial Bon Iver workout video is after the jump.

(HT: Stereogum)