Avicii’s New Album ‘Tim’ Will Arrive Posthumously This Summer

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The album that Avicii was working on at the time of his death is set for release this summer, according to the Swedish musician’s family. Tim comprises the near-complete songs that the artist (real name Tim Bergling) wanted to put out before his tragic death at the age of 28 last April.

Tim will include a wider variety of genre influences than we had seen from Avicii in the past, including “psychedelia, Arabian music, sounds of the Caribbean and more,” according to The New York Times. The LP was only 75 to 80 percent finished at the time of Bergling’s death, so collaborators worked with the notes Bergling wrote in his last days to complete it according to his creative vision. “He wrote very specific things about the music,” said Christopher Thordson, from Avicii’s artist management team.

Though the family is grieving, they believe Bergling would have wanted the music to be released. “The album felt coherent and personal,” said Johnny Tennander, Avicii’s publisher at Sony/ATV. “It should be released,” added Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling.

Tim will be out June 6, and first single “S.O.S.” will arrive on April 10. Proceeds from the album will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, a newly established charitable organization that will support groups involved with mental health and suicide prevention.