Avril Lavigne Defended Nickelback In A Twitter Rant, So Back Off, Entire World

The internet at large had fun with the story of a poll which found Donald Trump to be less popular than Nickelback. The Canadian band has been a musical punching bag ever since Coldplay jokes went stale, amassing enough vitriol that they were studied by scientists. So, the news that they beat Donald Trump head-to-head is an easy opportunity to get some jokes in that no one will bother to call you on. No one except Avril Lavigne, that is.

The former wife of Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger defended the band in a Twitter rant that countered the hate with a simple fact: The ‘Back moves units.

“Nickelback is one of the of the highest selling rock bands of the past 2 decades selling more than 50 million albums worldwide,” she wrote. “17 #1 HIT SINGLES!!!! What an epic accomplishment!!!! Nickelback is adored by millions worldwide !!! I’ve seen their sold out shows!!!”

Lavigne then went full Kanye, hoping that #content creators could move forward with all positive vibes.

It’s no secret that Lavigne is still connected to the music of her one-time beau. The duo were making music together as recently as last year. And she certainly knows her way around calling someone out on Twitter.

Of course, this is all assuming that the real Lavigne is actually still around. 2002 Avril never got into Twitter beefs. Think about it.