Avril Lavigne Posted Some Slightly Less Awkward Fan Photos, SO HATERZ CAN SUCK IT

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05.08.14 10 Comments


Last weekend a bunch of photos of Avril Lavigne posing awkwardly with Brazilian fans who were told to stand an arm’s length away from their idol exploded onto the internet, reinforcing what we already presumed about Avril Lavigne: That she’s kind of a sh*thead with a sh*tty attitude.

So, in response to all of the internet haters, Lavigne posted a bunch of photos with fans to Instagram with a slightly less forced smiles, even allowing some of the plebeians to lean into her, touching arms. SEE? SHE TOUCHED ARMS WITH THEM, FOR GOD’S SAKE.

I have a feeling that Avril’s PR person is getting an extra sparkly cupcake as a bonus this month!




And you guys, she even posted a picture of herself with some Special Olympics kids. So you just think about that next time you want to sully the good name of Avril Lavigne-Kroger.


OK, but counterpoint? Her Instagram account description reads: “Avril Lavigne Professional Rocker.” *makes dry heaving noises*

Nope, decision stands. Still a sh*thead.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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