Avril Lavigne Called Out Taylor Swift On Twitter

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As well as being the #Queen of her #Squad and an inspiration to weekend drunks, Taylor Swift is a crafty businesswoman. She’s well aware of her fan-friendly image, which is why she still does post-show meet and greets, despite being the biggest pop star in the world. Meanwhile, the Taylor Swift of mid-2000s Canadian mall punks, Avril Lavigne, received scorn last year when awkward photos of her looking actively revolted by her admirers went viral.

Those photos came up again when a collage of “this is most celeb’s with fans,” showing Avril resembling a Madame Tussauds wax figure, vs. “and this is Taylor” made the rounds on Tumblr.


After being alerted that Taylor “liked” the post, Avril responded:


It took everything in her power to not write, “Don’t be a h8er boi.”