Axl Rose’s First Official Concert Fronting AC/DC Rocks Fans in Lisbon

When it was announced that W. Axl Rose would not only be involved in the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour this summer, but would also be touring with AC/DC as their new vocalist, well, it all seemed pretty crazy. Axl Rose is kind of a guy that moves to the beat of his own drummer and is notoriously difficult to work with. Yet, here we are and both the GNR reunion and Axl’s fronting of AC/DC seem to be actually happening, even if Axl did break his foot a while back and has to sit atop of Dave Grohl’s throne.

Axl’s first time on stage as AC/DC’s lead vocalist has come and gone and it seems like the world hasn’t melted down yet, so if you have tickets, you might not want to sell them just yetPitchfork reports that the band’s first outing in Lisbon, Portugal went off without a hitch and that fan footage is already flooding the net. Consequence of Sound even have the full setlist for those of us who like to pore over these things before seeing a band live.

Here’s a fan video of Axl and AC/DC performing “Back in Black.” It sounds, well, exactly what you’d expect Axl Rose singing “Back in Black” would sound like.

The same can be said for “Whole Lotta Rosie,” which should also come as no surprise for Guns fans, seeing as though Guns N’ Roses have been performing a cover of that tune for well over twenty years now. In fact, it’s been a mainstay of their stage act even throughout the recent, Chinese Democracy incarnation of Guns N’ Roses.

(Via Pitchfork / Consequence of Sound)