Ex-‘American Idol’ Contestant Ayla Brown Wrote A Song Called ‘#FreeTomBrady’

A lot of really silly things have popped up in the wake of Tom Brady’s Deflategate punishment after the Wells Report. For those of you who think the best way for a person to express themselves is through music, however, this whole ordeal has been a bit underwhelming. Until now.

Ayla Brown, the former American Idol contestant and daughter of former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, grabbed her acoustic guitar, sat down with a New Hampshire radio station’s DJ, and wrote a song about Brady. The title? “#FreeTomBrady.” It features emotionally-charged lyrics like “I don’t care if your ball’s deflated / I just want to see my man playin’,” and calls everything regarding the three-time Super Bowl MVP’s preference for deflated balls “an honest mistake.”

Just be warned: If you listen to this song, be prepared for it to get stuck in your head. It just might be the smash hit of the summer — pending NFL licensing and approval.