Azealia Banks’ Boob-Biting Arrest Warrant Has Been Retracted

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Azealia Banks is once again freely able to walk the streets of New York without threat of arrest hanging over her head. After appearing in court on Tuesday, a warrant issued for the rapper’s arrest was set aside.

On Monday, Banks was scheduled to appear in court in connection to an incident that took place back in 2015. As outlined in the charges issued against her, the musician allegedly bit and punched a security guard at a New York City club. Because of an alleged scheduling error on the part of Banks, she missed that court date. At the time she was set to appear, she was living it up in Paris for fashion week. While she did send a letter to the judge explaining what happened, an arrest warrant was issued for the misstep.

True to the statement she released, Banks beelined straight for the court after returning stateside on Tuesday, where the judge set aside the original warrant. Banks’s lawyer John Vafa released a statement to Pitchfork saying, “The Court retracted the warrant. Azealia appeared immediately after she returned to New York.”

While the emcee is undoubtedly going to have to do a lot more than just show up to get to fight back against the pending assault charges, at least she will be able to do so as a free woman.