‘Ballin’ Oates’ Is The Hip Hop Hall & Oates Mixtape You Need

From DJ Scott Melker, the mind behind Skeetles and Skeetwood Mac, remixes of the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac classics with rap songs, comes his finest masterpiece to date: Ballin’ Oates, which is exactly what you think it is. Wonder no longer what Daryl Hall and John Oates would sound like paired with Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye, and T.I.

Ballin’ Oates is the third EP in a series of compilations produced by The Melker Project, each focusing on a different classic artist. Each Hall & Oates song was completely replayed and remixed by Melker, before blending them with different acapellas.

For what is “Gold Digger” if not an update of “Rich Girl”?

(Via Philly)