Barack Obama Got Into The Spooky Spirit By (Kinda) Singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

It’s creeping closer and closer to that scary time of year where everyone dresses up, gets ready to be spooked and listens to maybe the greatest Halloween song of all-time: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” (Sorry, “Monster Mash.” You’re a close second.) And while so many things have been done with the immortal title track from the 1982 album, including multiple incredibly choreographed prison dances, the video above is something we definitely have never seen, nor did we expect at all for it to work so well.

The folks at Baracksdubs who are so good at making the 44th President of the United States sing whatever they want, decided to frighten things up for the season and make Barack Obama sing “Thriller.” Sadly, while the clip is fantastic, there is no four-minute dance sequence with zombie-shuffling and above-the-head clapping. There is only so much we could ask of the President. But hey, he’s basically on Senioritis-mode and feels like he can say or do what he wants at this point, so he could make a full-on video if he wanted to. It’s what the American people really want; in earnest, the entire country would actually say “Thanks, Obama.”

(via USA Today)