Singer-Songwriter Bazzi Reveals The Defining Moment That Led To His Incredible Musical Rise

Not everyone makes it in the cutthroat, fast-paced world of music. For every superstar that sells out arenas, performs in front of millions of people on national television or breaks streaming and sales records, there’s an incalculably large amount of talented folks who, for one reason or another, never come close to cracking into that world.

Among the select few who’ve been able to achieve success at a relatively early age is singer-songwriter Bazzi. At 21-years-old, Bazzi has already racked up a top fifteen single on the Billboard charts with his breakout hit “Mine,” performed in front of massive audiences around the world, and collaborated with pop sensations like Camila Cabello and K-pop bands like EXO and NCT Dream. It was the choices he made when he was still just a kid that got him here.

“At a young age I was like, ‘you’re gonna do music and you need to really pull back and commit yourself if you want it to work,” singer-songwriter Bazzi said. For the singer and his father Sam, that meant uprooting their entire existence in Michigan when he was 16 and relocating to Los Angeles. “We didn’t know anybody there. No connections,” he said. “When I look back at it, it seems so challenging, trying to reach success. Money was never something we had out here. We were always finessing, month-to-month.”

The late nights up until three or four in the morning, the constant playing and performing all paid off in the end, of course. Bazzi’s life up to this point proves the age old truism that talent will only take you so far. What really separates those who find success and those who don’t is the amount of effort and sacrifice you’re willing to put in to reach your ultimate goal. It also helps to have someone in your corner, who truly believes in you.

“It’s crazy he saw that all the way back then, before there was even an ounce of development…the potential and the growth that could exist in me,” Bazzi said of his father’s encouragement. “He knew what I wanted, he knew how bad I wanted it.”

Watch Bazzi’s journey to stardom in the Backstage video above.

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